A Whole New Beginning

I recently landed what I think is my dream job. I am currently working to develop a writing center at a private college, in addition to a whole lot more. In the mean time I have met with a few people including the deans of the various programs at the college. I learned more about the student population, the needs of the students and most of all the campus community. I have to say I am loving what I see, which is food- EVERYWHERE! But really, the faculty and staff is awesome.

In preparation for the writing center I have been doing some homework- who am I really kidding? I can’t work at a college and not have some homework.  Anywho, I have been looking at what other college and universities are doing to develop and sustain a successful writing center. I have to say since taking on this position I am really having to rely on my network. In college I took a course on the networks and learned about how they form shape and distribute and ectetera. I have to say it is kind of strange reaching out to people I haven’t seen or spoken with in a while. However, the joy is reconnecting with others in addition to meeting and making new connections. I recently reconnected with a person who I can now call my mentor- she doesn’t know about her new assumed title, but in my book she is. She gave me some critical things to think about in relation to developing a writing center. I have done something like this before, but on a smaller scale and for high school students. My vision for the center I am currently working on is BIG, there is so much I want to do. However, my wanting to do things may have to stay on the back-burner. As I work more and remind myself of the needs of this campus I find myself trying to figure out where do I hold and focus my attention.

I am reading all kinds of materials in preparation for the the various projects I am taking on. I came across an article by Mike Rose speaking on the structure of remedial writing courses and the need to shift toward a paradigm of teaching the types of writing students will encounter in their academic courses. I have to say his article was very eye opening as to how the teaching pedagogy toward this demographic should change. After reading his article  I have to say I would like to employ some of his suggested strategies into my work. Now, how will I go about doing that? Umm… I am not sure. I guess make it a hard-fast rule and say this is it because I said so.  In my perfect world I would like to employ many of the strategies I am reading about into my project(s). I suppose for now I can continue with my brainstorming sessions until I have my meeting with my boss to discuss the plan she would like for me to review.


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