Formal Learning vs Informal Learning

The best forms of learning are unconventional. The classroom is a great place to foster traditional learning, but learning through world exploration is amazing. In my work, I try to fuse traditional and experiential learning by applying learned ideas from the classroom into assignments that are multi-functional with purpose. Formal learning in the classroom is based on a test which instantly marginalizes many student groups, whereas, informal learning does not marginalize and allows for students to gauge their learning by applying it to their lives. Honestly, the world is the teacher, and day-to-day application is the test.

I believe informal learning can cultivate life-long learners who explore new things based on interest. Using interest as a starting base is perfect because, like any enthusiast, the learner will want to share their new knowledge and test it in authentic settings. I believe the goal of learning is to share by enlightening others to new developments, apply to refine and determine the effectiveness of the new knowledge, and lastly impact society.