Deep Thoughts about Dark Technology

Is it possible the advancement of technology is moving in a dark direction? This just may be a loaded question, but really, is technology invading our inner-most personal space?  I bring this up because I watched an episode (S04, E03: Crocodile) of Black Mirror, a Netflix series. One theme in the episode is the ability to infiltrate a person’s memory through technology. Technology is awesome and is doing amazing things, but just imagine a person with a portable monitor and a small adhesive square attached to your temple replaying moments in time you cannot remember on your own. Again, technology is amazing, but are these possibilities moving too fast and too much into the personal?  I suppose a creepy aspect of that scenario is an outsider knowing too much about me or any person for that matter through memory replay. What comes to mind is the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. Jonas, the main character becomes the only person in his society given the power to view all world events and essentially is the link to the past. In respects to the Black Mirror episode Crocodile, one person holds power to view any ones past events, I’ll call that person the memory-viewer. I could be grappling with the idea of ethics. Is it ethical to infiltrate a person’s memory- remembered or not remembered? I didn’t mention, in the episode, the person whose memory is replayed does not have any control over the duration of time the memory-viewer can review; within minutes the memory-viewer can view a sequence of events in just a few minutes.  I wonder in what ways does the ability to replay a person’s memory infringe on a person’s rights? Yes, consent must be given to view a person’s memory, but when is too much viewing time too much and better yet who should control this viewing time? As jaw-dropping as Black Mirror is and its forethought into our possible technological future, I am in awe of the amazing capabilities of technology in reality and entertainment, but often I am left with many questions about ethics surrounding the rapid movement of technology.

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