About Francesca

Like many disenfranchised youth aspiring for a chance to go to college, Francesca’s academic experience was laced with many successes, and equally so, many challenges. Francesca began her academic career at El Camino Community College as a student with two goals in mind, transfer to a university and become a journalist. Journalism was her niche, or so she thought. Having successfully graduated from California State University Chico (CSU Chico) with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, somewhere down the line something changed. Francesca was drawn to the field of education. Although journalism to some degree is a form of educating by informing the uninformed, Francesca wanted something with direct impact on individual lives. It was then she began to pursue a Masters in Teaching International Languages at CSU Chico.

For many years before attending college, Francesca knew teaching was an aspiration, but unsure about how to achieve that goal. The years in her master’s program was life-changing filled with grand opportunities and significant friendships. During this time, Francesca understood what it meant to be a teacher to first-generation college students and ESL students, a peer tutor, writing mentor and an environmentalist. Having worked in an array of settings, especially with ESL students and first-generation students, Francesca understood the challenges of learning a new language and being the first alter the trajectory of family history.

Now in her tail blazing years and pursuing a Doctorate in Education, Francesca is on FIRE! Studying Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University this scholarship is preparing Francesca for years of transformational leadership through serving world communities. Francesca continues to set standards applicable to her goals and life pursuits.